Flaminger Jagd Liqueur Test Tube

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Flaminger Jagd Liqueur Test Tube Miniature - 2cl Flaminger Jagd is a German herbal liqueur, produced for many...
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Flaminger Jagd Liqueur Test Tube Miniatures

Created in Flaming in Germany, FlamingerJagd liqueur test tube miniatures are made with 38 exotic, local herbs, a recipe believed to have originated from as far back as the 12th century. According to stories, this herbal liqueur was a favourite fix of the Germans when staging a fox hunt. That’s right -- and, that's why “the one with the fox” as the label is so heartwarmingly referred to, also features the German word “Jagd” which literally means “hunt” and features the image of a fox on the label.

FlamingerJagd liqueur miniatures come in 2cl test tubes. Looking extremely cool with the liqueur in a green shade. These test tubes are definitely better when shared. Go propose a toast or, conveniently keep one on your side table or, inside your pocket when you feel like you need to calm your nerves or, simply add a perk to a routine-filled day.

You might be surprised to find out how a FlamingerJagd liqueur mini can turn an otherwise mundane conversation to something more interesting, an otherwise uneventful day into something more exciting. Get ready to sip bottoms up. It’s guaranteed to bring about phenomenal moments when shared with your family and friends.