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Fjallagrasa Icelandic Schnapps Miniatures

The Fjallagrasa Icelandic schnapps miniature is a drink that satisfies, warms, and heals all at the same time. Made from handpicked Iceland moss that have been recognised for their medicinal qualities since the age of the Vikings, every bottle of this Icelandic Moss schnapps delivers a taste of traditional celebration and healing.  

At 38% alcohol per volume, each sip is best enjoyed with a calculated intake. The same tasty, healthy goodness is available in a Fjallagrasaicelandic schnapps small bottle. The 350ml and 700ml varieties are bottled with whole lichens which further adds a new layer of flavour to the drink.

Even the Fjallagrasa schnapps mini will never come with artificial colouring or flavouring. Every Fjallagrasaicelandic schnapps small bottle is guaranteed to lock in only the fresh taste of the Iceland moss grown in the unpolluted environment of Iceland. What makes this drink even more excellent is the guarantee of purity that comes with the seal of NaturaIslandica.

Iceherbs, the manufacturer behind this one-of-a-kind creation, have gone through a great extent to make this formulation happen from mosses that, certainly, nobody would have thought ever to be even remotely possible. Even though you may not be packing your bags to actually head to Iceland, getting a Fjallagrasa Icelandic schnapps small pack is like bringing home the undisturbed beauty of Iceland to be experienced by people you love.