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Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur Miniature - 5cl When it comes to whisky, avid drinkers of this spirit tend...
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Fireball Miniatures

Far from the family saga and legacy of the epic scotch brands of the UK, Fireball Whisky has snatched the throne of being the most sensational brand of whisky in Canada and in the USA. Earlier, the brand faced a dismal performance entering the European markets following a ban and recall of its units because its high propylene glycol component did not pass EU regulations. Since then, the company has taken out the anti-freeze ingredient from the formula, including those packaged in Fireball miniatures.

A miniature Fireball whisky shoots a 30% ABV when consumed. A Fireball Whisky Mini is created from distilled and aged Canadian Whisky. Unlike the granddaddies of scotch, this cinnamon-infused whisky caters to younger alcohol drinkers who are not seeking the sophistication of scotch but are craving its intoxicating alcohol content. A miniature Fireballbottle can absolutely come in handy. To sample the spice and kick of this alcohol, a Fireball whisky 50ml should be more than enough to experience whisky aged in used American bourbon casks.

Keeping a Fireball Cinnamon whiskey 50ml within reach may prove to be a new and scandalous addition to your home collection. Else, you should be giving away a Fireballwhisky gift set and watch how it takes the concept of fun to limitless boundaries.