Fietes Mowenshib

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Fietes Mowenshib Sour Kirsch Liqueur Miniature - 2cl
Fietes Mowenshib Sour Kirsch Liqueur Miniature - 2cl Fietes Mowenschib is a vodka based sour cherry (Kirsch) liqueur....
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Fietes Mowenshib Liqueur Miniatures

This liqueur is bottled at 15% ABV alcohol expression. The FietesMowenshib liqueur miniatures are made with kirsch, a vodka-based sour cherry liqueur recommended best when taken neat. This label of kirsch is characterised to be dry with the taste of dried cherries and the distinctive taste of almonds. Sweet, medium-length with a just a fair amount of acidity.

Kirsch cherry liqueur is a creation of the WaldermarBehn, a liquor company based in Germany. BEHN, for short, was founded in 1892 and is now under the management of the fourth generation of its original founders. Other than owning a distillery that produces some of the most well-known brands of liquors, particularly in Germany, BEHN also manufactures convenience food.

The Fieteskirsch liqueur comes in a clear bottle that shows off the earthy, slightly reddish alcohol inside. The Fietes mini bottles offer just the right amount of volume for a single toast. Cheers to singles or, to the newlyweds. These kirsch minis will do a great job for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well. Give it to guests as party favours or, give it as a present. Tie a red ribbon with a bell cherries and it’s properly themed as a Holidays gift to your next-door neighbour.