Ficken Liqueur

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Ficken Liqueur Miniature - 3cl Ficken liqueur from Germany is made from the Jostaberry, this is a cross...
Ficken Liqueur Miniature - 2cl Ficken liqueur from Germany is made from the Jostaberry, this is a cross...
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Ficken Liqueur Miniatures

Fiken Likor “party alcohol” is made in Germany, and the German brand name, “Ficken” literally translates to the English word, “fuck”. So, this early, you know you shouldn’t randomly give this liquor randomly as a present or even for a typical bar time after work or after school. You wouldn’t want to be misinterpreted when you hand over those Ficken liqueur miniatures.

Bottled in 15% ABV expression, this rather controversial liqueur is made by blending neutral alcohol, water, citric acid, sugar and jostaberry, a berry falling between blackcurrant and gooseberries. This “iconic drink with a provocative name” is recommended to be taken chilled, neat and straight. Nevertheless, Ficken liqueur small bottles do a great job at throwing in a whimsical and playful character to your classic bar cocktails. In any case, the best way to enjoy Ficken Liqueur is by inviting your friends over to celebrate and drink.

Celebrate for a reason or none at all, as long as there is a Ficken for everyone, the party's going to be a sure-fire hit. The makers of Fickenliqueur miniatures warns you and your friends to get all buckled up for “crazy tricks, gross nonsense, and hair-raising actions”. Expect Ficken to be light-spirited and filled with humour -- a rockin’ beginning and a rolling ending to a fun-filled day or night.