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Faustino Mini Bottles

From the Bodegas Faustino vineyard located in Rioja, Spain comes the Faustino red wine. The business remains to be family-run has been in the business of winemaking since the mid-1800s, although the first bottled wines were not realized until 1930. Faustino wine miniatures are made from the very same grape varieties used to give the full bottles their unique Spanish wine character. Faustino wines are made from any one or combination of Mazuelo, Tempranillo, Graciano and Viura grapes.

Among the best revered wines from Grupo Faustino are its Faustino red wines. The variants under this label are balanced and medium-bodied. The palate tells of a unique mix of ripe fruits naturally grown and abundantly available in the region. The Faustino VII Rioja white wine miniature and the Faustino VII Tinto 18 cl miniature are easy-to-drink, even by individuals who have not quite warmed up to the tannins of red wine. Unlike aged red wines, these variants have been sitting in oak casks for just 7 months to scrape off the fine flavour of oak wood. Both variants are available in miniature wine bottles just in case you need some for taste testing or for giving away as favours.

The Faustino VII Rioja miniature can be an easy personal companion and makes an interesting gift for people you care for. Faustino mini gift sets provide an even better impression for the wide variety of colours, aromas and flavours that each wine in the pack carries.