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Fatty's Organic Gin Miniatures

A London dry gin specially made to complement an organic lifestyle? You probably wouldn’t believe it until you see it and taste it. This gin is bursting with the organic philosophy inside and out. Other than that, it also pays homage to the gin-making and gin-drinking traditions in Dulwich in London. Against the grand and historic London backdrop, Fatty’s Organic gin miniatures, including Fatty’s gin miniatures, are artisanally distilled and infused with flavours in small batches. 

Flavoured with dill flower, citrus and juniper, everything that is added to this gin is certified organic grain and organic botanicals grown in organic soil. Just with that, you know you don’t have to second guess on the freshness and quality of ingredients added to a Fatty's gin mini. If you care to know, Fatty's gin small bottles are free from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs.

Made with stringent growing standards, Fatty's Organic gin miniatures satisfies the meticulous lifestyle organic consumers and the even more stringent vegan lifestyle. Cleaner, smoother, fresher -- you can almost forget that you’re drinking gin.

For holiday gifting or as a token of your appreciation, consider a Fatty’s gin gift set. Its one-of-a-kind processing with a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment makes a Fatty’s gin gift set priceless.