Excellia Tequila

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Excellia Reposado Miniatures Tequila Excellia Reposado is a golden straw colour which reveals a quite complex nose of...
Excellia Blanco Miniatures Tequila Excellia has been aged for just a few weeks in grand cru sauternes wine...
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Excellia Tequila Miniatures

Excellia is tequila made extremely different by fusing the regality of the French grape wine making process with the brute characteristics of tequila. “Handmade from the harvest to the bottling,” The marriage of grapes, from which wines are traditionally made, with the blue agave, from which tequilas are traditionally made, makes this tequila stay true to the wines and spirits making customs of old but, without sacrificing the opportunity to innovate and be different. You can only begin to imagine the uniqueness so start sampling the Excellia tequila miniature range.

The variants from this label undergo a unique ageing process that uses young Sauternes casks that leave the tequila with a distinct mark of fruitiness and sweetness. Other variants are left to age in 20 year-old cognac casks which gives the resulting tequila a deeper, more complex flavour. Two of the best recognized variants from the Excellia core range are available in ExcelliaReposado tequila miniatures and Excellia Blanco tequila miniatures. The first is aged for nine months in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels which gives it a golden straw shade, with a flavour characterised to blend the tastes of cigar and honey with the agave content. The latter is aged for several weeks in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels and presents a clear liquor with a characteristically classic but uniquely floral jasmine undertone.

It’s a tequila that looks like and aged like wine but remains a tequila nonetheless. Not sure how to enjoy a bottle of Excellia? Order an Excellia tequila small bottle today. It isn’t quite like any alcohol you’ve ever had before. This label is available in Excellia small bottles which are perfect as presents to dear family and friends or, given away as favours for a birthday or wedding celebration.