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Everton Gin Miniatures

From The Handmade Gin Company, the Everton Gin is presented to be “exceeding your expectations”. This distillery, based in the UK, processes small batches of Everton Gin and bottles it all by hand. Everton gin miniatures, therefore, give you the uniquely and marvellously distilled and aged gin taking inspiration from old gin making practices.

Everton 5cl gin bottles are blended with meticulously picked botanicals that render this gin a unique and exotic aroma and flavour. Its makers use old ways of copper-pot distilling that creates a revitalising and citrusy burst of flavours on the palate. Everton gin small bottles provide an unconventional way of raising a toast and most particularly comes in more handy than raising a glass outdoors. 

Personalise Everton mini bottles for gifting or for favours. Its old-style gin bottle with a crown top gives off a vintage feel, perfectly complementing a formal gathering or any function for that matter. Made using only what is fine and traditional, this zesty and spiced gin will prove to be a big hit. At 40% ABV expression, it may be best mixed into a classic G&T or as part of your cocktail fix.