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Emodka Emoji Vodka

Want to express your emotions in a new way? Try saying it with emojis -- not just any emoji, one that contains vodka inside with Emodka vodka. Emodka emoji vodka comes in packs of 12 pieces of assorted emojis guaranteed to strike up a conversation and take your party to the next level.

Round and bright yellow, each piece inside an Emodka gift set evokes all the emoji emoticons you’ll ever need to express every kind of feeling that you can think of. Young, sociable and guaranteed to be sensational, these emoji vodkas are guaranteed show-stoppers and one that your guests would love to take home with them as favours for their collection.

Consider it for fun birthday parties, stay overs, road trips, hiking trips, and random drinking sessions with your closest buddies. An Emodka emoji vodka mini 50ml even comes highly recommended for warming up in the company of complete strangers. If you’re not sure what liquor or spirit to gift, this emoji vodka will definitely prove to be a versatile present across any occasion and across any age. Don’t forget to add your own custom style or message before handing over a piece of a pack -- just to make things more personal.