Elfer Waldmeister Liqueur

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Elfer Waldmeister Liqueur Miniature - 2cl Elfer Waldmeister or Woodruff liqueur is bright green in colour. The nose...
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Elfer Waldmeister Liqueur Miniatures

When you’re on the lookout for just the perfect tipple to jazz up your night or, to give you a much-needed nudge even during the daytime, consider giving in to an Elfer Waldmeister liqueur miniatures. Containing alcohol that is expressed at 15% ABV, this liqueur is guaranteed to bring the light to spark any party, no matter what may be due for a celebration.

Elfer Waldmeister mini has a lime green colour with a label that showcases the black and white image of a football player. This liquor is flavoured with ‘waldmeister’ or woodruff in English. The word, ‘waldmeister’ literally translates to “master of the woods”. It has been traditionally used to keep beddings and linens fragrant. In this drink, it leaves the palate with a mouthwatering herbal infusion that lines the tastebuds with the sweet taste of cherry drops. While it may be taken neat, you will also find it enjoyable when added to long, cocktail drinks. For which, the Elfer Waldmeister 5cl bottles will come in handy -- no spill, no waste.

Waldmeister liqueur miniatures can be a convenient way to keep an alcohol inside your breast pocket for a quick midday reset or, for those moments when you crave something more out of the ordinary and just a tiny bit of tipple.  Easily personalise to match weddings and birthday themes or just about any function made possible in the company of your family and friends.