Elephant Gin

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Elephant London Dry Gin Miniature - 5cl The miniature bottles of Elephant London Dry Gin feature a baby...
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Elephant Gin Miniatures

Elephant Gin miniatures come with a clear bottle and a cork stopper. Although it's vintage looks can be deceiving, the crystal clear liquid gin inside smells and tastes of another kind of story -- that is, one that is ultimately made specially for someone who craves a great adventure in every sip.

Made in Germany, Elephant Gin is nothing quite like the classic citrus infused London Dry Gin. Rather than a brute, it remains smooth from the aroma, palate, and all the way to the finish, even at 45% ABV. This makes Elephant small bottles rather ideal whether you want your gin taken neat, on the rocks with a tonic or, on a tall glass for a long, cocktail drink.

So, next time you’re planning to give a spirit for a present, consider getting a miniature Elephant Gin Gift Set. Infused with a combination of 14 botanicals, including four found in abundance only in Africa -- baobab, buchu plant, devil’s claw and African wormwood -- every miniature Elephant Gin Gift Box complements an unforgettable safari experience. Besides, the makers of Elephant Dry Gin contribute 15% of its profits for the conservation of elephants in Africa. Now, that’s gifting with a purpose with a mini Elephant Gin gift box.