Egal Vodka

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Egal Vodka Miniatures

Egal Sloe is specifically a Schlehenlikormit vodka.  Egal vodka miniatures is a traditional sloe possibly with a recipe that has been handed to a family generation after generation. Sloe gin is prepared using ripe succulents then, blended with grain and sugar. While other sloe gins are prepared with neutral alcohol, gin or rum, Egal is made using vodka.

An Egal Sloe vodka liqueur mini bottle delivers a sampling of sweet and fruity aroma and taste dominated by ripe juicy plums. The length is characterised to be medium with a mild woody finish and aftertaste. An Egal Sloe vodka small bottle can be taken chilled and straight from the bottle. At 25% ABV alcohol expression, this liquor is also highly recommended for mixing with cocktails to create a long drink. 

Egal Sloe Vodka 2cl bottles come in transparent packaging, with a rather simple label that you can easily personalise to reflect your celebration’s theme. Have your message printed on a sticker label and will be instantly transformed into party favour that only you can own. Since liqueur miniatures also make great presents for the Holidays, consider gifting one or create a gift pack for your loved ones. Simply position about three bottles in a native basket or wooden box then tie a thin jute rope around the crown and a message card to send your Holiday cheers.