Edgerton Gin Miniatures

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Edgerton Blue Spice Gin Miniature - 5cl Bottled at 43% ABV, the Edgerton Blue Gin miniature is designed...
Edgerton Pink Gin Miniatures Edgerton Original Pink Gin is distilled in London, from a rather unique combination of...
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Edgerton Gin Miniatures

Known to produce two notable spirits- Edgerton Original Pink Gin (The World's First Pink Gin) and Edgerton Blue Spiced Gin, this multi-award winning gin was founded by Martin Edgerton Gill in 2009. Gill and his team travelled far and wide to know about the botanicals used in traditional gin making process. After tasting a number of gins from across the globe, 17 botanicals finally went into creating the world’s first premium pink gin. Termed as ‘eccentric yet elegant’ by gin critics, Edgerton Pink Gin contains an aphrodisiac, Damiana as one of its key ingredients along with juniper berries and angelica root, adding balance and harmony to the premium pink gin.

It offers a fruity and floral taste with rich complexity.

After the success of pink gin, Blue Spiced gin- another world’s first, was introduced and soon became the talk of the town. Considered to be one of the best spiced gins, blue spiced gin consists of 15 botanicals with a robust and earthy flavour, perfect to be sipped on a cold winter day.

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