Echter Liqueur

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Echter Nordhauser Korn Liqueur Miniature - 4cl Produced for over 500 years using only genuine Nordhäuser grain. Echter...
Echter Nordhäuser Doppelkorn-10cl
Nordhauser Doppelkorn 10cl 38% Nordhäuser Doppelkorn prides itself for being Germany’s favourite korn brand for many years. Its...
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Echter Liqueur Miniatures

Echer Nordhauser is the liquor maker behind the Echter liqueur miniatures and the EchterNordhauserIngwer liqueur. The first is a traditional core variant from this label that utilises top-quality ‘Korn’ made from real rye originating from the town of Nordhausen. The town has been the top producer of premium quality grain since 1507. Unlike other Korn liqueurs that use wheat, this one uses rye which gives this liquor a cereal flavour with a slightly woody and crunchy finish. It is highly recommended for adding to cocktails or, taken from the bottle chilled.

EchterIngwer is literally a ginger liqueur with a tangy taste that warms the mouth and body with every sip. It is highly recommended to be taken as a digestif or, after a meal, It comes at a 30% ABV and also makes a great addition to sparkling wine or just to spice up your regular soda or schnapps. However, the way you prefer to enjoy it, the Echter Liqueur 5cl bottles provide a generous serving for single serve toasting.

Echter Liqueur small bottles closely replicate their original packaging. Labels may be personalised easily to match celebration themes or, simply to add customised messages and bottling designs. EchterNordhauserKorn liqueur miniatures are a treat your family and friends will definitely enjoy. Get ready to answer questions on how to, where to order for them to restock their home bars.