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Echo Falls Miniatures

Echo Falls is one of the well-recognized wine brands from global wine producer, Accolade Wines based in the UK. The brand was established in 2002 and now boasts of a wide range of variants, the most popular of which are red wines, rose wines and white wines. Echo Falls quickly became UK’s second most preferred wine brand. Echo Falls miniatures like the Echo Falls pink gin wine and Echo Falls rose wine gift set are smooth and easy to the palate with an obviously straightforward take on how a great, satisfying wine ought to be made.

An Echo Falls Wine Gift Set is a reflection of the vibrant wine preferences of the California team from Accolade Wines that are behind these wonderfully luscious wine creations. Other than the traditional wines, Echo Falls has also came to be known for its Fruit Fusion range and it’s Summer Berries Flavoured Vodka. The colorful variety of wines from this label make Echo Falls gift set a pretty sight to behold in their original packaging.

If you intend to give out favours, however, consider Echo Falls miniatures or Echo Falls mini bottles which steps up the level of fancy in regular gift-giving. Echo Falls mini versions also create a colourful collection to display in your home bar. Bring the punch to any occasion you host with an Echo Falls -- surely there’s always a flavour to mark any milestone worth a toast.