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Dunnet Bay Selection Sets A rather cool looking Dunnet Bay Distillery mixed miniature gift set which contains the...
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Dunnet Bay Gin Miniatures

A relatively new take on the classic gin, Dunnet Bay Distillers was founded only in 2014 by husband and wife tandem, Martin and Claire Murray. The distillery was established on new-age passion for the old and artisanal. The Dunnet Bay Distillery is located in Caithness located on the northernmost part of Scotland. Dunnet Bay gin miniatures carry the same spirit that this distillery’s founders desire to impart. 

The best-known creation from Dunnet Bay is the Rock Rose Gin. This spirit embodies the thrusts of the distillery, that is, mixing local ingredients with exotic finds from around the world, and marrying old heritage while creating new tastes and customs when it comes to sipping gin. Another well-loved creation from this brand is the Holy Grass Scottish Vodka.

Dunnet Bay small bottles are practical and, packaged in opaque, vintage-looking bottles, also make a pleasing decorative view to any home bar. Whether you are looking forward to a Sex on the Beach, a Cosmopolitan or a Greyhound, there’s a Dunnet Bay mini that makes it easier for you to give into your liquor cravings. 

Dunnet Bay miniatures and a Dunnet Bay miniature gift set are also warm ways to show your appreciation to someone you care for, whether that maybe your partner, friend, colleague, father or neighbour.