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Dunkeld Atholl Brose Liqueur Miniatures

The Dunkheld Atholl Brose is a liquor produced by Gordon &McPhail, world-renowned makers of single malt scotch whisky. The distillery takes pride in its more than 123 years of rich company history and strongly believes that “Today reveals what we did in the past”. Truly, the company’s good reputation is well-secured on a global scale. The company’s story begins in 1895, as leading merchants in Speyside before the two founders eventually decided to manage a distillery to showcase the wide variety of single malt scotch whiskies in the area.DunkeldAtholl Brose liqueur miniatures share this rich and long company history.

Marketed as a ‘boutique liquor,’ it is an expression of an ancient Highland Scottish recipe said to bring out the best of what the land has to offer. The DunkeldAtholl Brose Scotch liqueur is blended using single malt whiskey, honey, and a unique selection of local herbs in Scotland.

Dunkeld Atholl Brose whisky liqueur mini bottles are kept in transparent bottles that allow the golden, honeyed liquid to show through. 5cl miniatures of this whisky liqueur come in stout bottles with a golden crown cap. These small liqueur bottles are served at 35% ABV expression and are highly recommended taken chilled and neat or, added to spike your favourite beverages and go-to cocktail fixes.