Drambuie Whisky Liqueur

Enjoyed all around the world, Drambuie is a unique high quality premium spirit. This truly Royal liqueur has...
Drambuie 15 is a whisky connoisseur’s expression of the standard Drambuie Liqueur which is drawn from the company’s...
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Drambuie Miniatures

Drambuie is a liqueur derived from Scotch whisky. The resulting sweetened whisky flavours are achieved with the addition of heather honey. Herbs and spices are infused to help taper down the sweetness of the solution while also giving each sip a smoother, well-blended ending.

A mini Drambuie bottle may help balance out the roughness and strength of a bold scotch whisky. Or, you just might cosy up to scotch that’s mildly sweet and absolutely smooth and flavourful— thanks to Drambuie. Perhaps someone you love might like Drambuie on their scotch? The Drambuie miniature gift set can get them started on the habit.

Drambuie is best consumed in a cocktail mix. In which case, Drambuie miniature bottles are a must-have mainstay in your private bar in case of surprise guests or an impromptu late-night party. In general, a Drambuie mini becomes essential if you like making top-notch cocktails at home yourself. It’s an essential ingredient for many of the most popular cocktails ever invented. It can also be a good addition to your favourite dishes or, even to your usual cup of brewed coffee for all those times when you need a little slant to tickle your taste buds. If you love to bake, adding a Drambuie Miniature to your home-made cake will be enough to make it sensational.