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Dragon Tears Whisky

Dragon tears that turn out to be whiskey are the stuff of legends but, this particular Dragon Tears whisky is a new addition to the range of liquors inspired by mythical figures from British online retailer, Firebox. The retailer has also previously launched Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum, Mermaid Tears Vodka, and Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur as part of its Mythical Tears range. 

Dragon Tears whiskey is packaged in a four-cornered bottled that shows a dragon spewing fire with tears in its eyes on the label. The liquid is golden, glittery and shimmery. All you have to do is to shake to witness the dragon’s magic unfold right before your eyes. This “cinnamon spirit drink made with whisky” is bottled at 40% ABV expression.

Dragon Tears whiskey 50cl bottle is best when taken chilled and neat. It can also render its golden, glittery liquid to your favourite cocktails for a long drink. Dragon Tears miniatures are a great addition to whimsical-themed parties that want to evoke the largely unknown, the epic, the mysterious, and the mythical. Sounds like Halloween? Possibly, but also of magical parties for adult enjoyment only. Labels and crown caps are completely customisable. Add your personal design and have your guests leave with your very personal note.