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Dracula Liqueur Shots

Dracula liqueur is manufactured by ALCOMIX Marken GmbH, a German beverage producer and distributor. Without doubt, Dracula liqueur shots contribute to delivering a Halloween or scary party theme for adults only. A Dracula liqueur miniature comes in 2cl syringe packaging.

Dracula liqueur shots are characterised to have a fiery, fruity and moderately sweet taste with the distinguishable flavours of old sherry and warming ginger coming through. Presented in bloodshot colour, others describe as dark red-purple, a Dracula liqueur 2cl adds the finishing touches to a party inspired by the famed throat lasher.

Dracula liqueur miniatures are also perfect for gifting to friends who have a knack for the other-worldly. Each syringe packaging may also be personalised to carry your preferred design and messages. Perfect for horror conventions, these can also serve as a kinky way to start a bachelor or bachelorette party. Sky’s the limit to the imagination but, if you want to get people talking, the Dracula Liqueur will definitely do the trick.