Dr Pepper Soda Mini Cans

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Dr Pepper was created in the 1880s in Texas. It is a signature blend of 23 different flavours that...
Dr Pepper Can- 330ml A Dr Pepper can 330ml may be smaller in size than the regular packaging...
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Dr Pepper Soda Mini Cans

Did you know that vintage Dr Pepper cans and Dr Pepper soda mini cans are being auctioned for a hefty price all the time? Not a lot of people are aware of it. This is the reason why now could be a good time to stack up on your Dr Pepper can collection if you’re a bar collector, that is.

Nonetheless, a miniature Dr Pepper bottle remains best valued when enjoyed as a drink. This soda is already a delicious treat on its own. When you want more excitement in your favourite bottle of alcohol, however, a Dr.Pepper will surely give you the gratification you seek from every sip. 

Care for an even more thrilling and literally fiery fix? Perhaps a Flaming Dr. Pepper is what you seek. Although this popular bar drink that’s literally flaming is so named, it does not contain an actual Dr.Pepper but shooters swear it tastes like one. Made with beer topped with amaretto and rum then set on fire with a lighter, this drink is best prepared by experts and not meant for home.

Want to stay safe? Just grab a Dr Pepper 24 pack and quench your thirst for excitement with the real thing. Dr Pepper is also available in miniature soda bottles.