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Dos Mas Miniatures

Made with the pure and traditional Russian vodka for its base, the German-manufactured Dos Mas pink shot brings an exciting fresh and fruity blend of berries while subtly bringing out the best tasting hint of vodka at just 17% ABV. This drink represents the beauty that can be achieved when German ingenuity meets Russian heritage. This is a drink that will satisfy the moderate or avid drinker who wants a taste of pink-coloured adventure from the nose to the finish. Served as a shot but best served when chilled. Try a different adventure by spiking your vanilla ice cream with the extravagant textures and flavour you can get out of every Pink Shot.

Explosive with the exquisite blend of whiskey and cinnamon rolled into one, the Dos Mas fire shot takes your taste buds to an exhilarating ride that tickles with the sweetness of cinnamon and leaves with an undeniably hot ending. It adds the spice to every party and gets everybody in great spirits.

The Dos Mas shot miniature party pack holds everything everybody will love: six-time the fiery experience that can only be derived from the Dos Mas Hot and Spicy Whisky Shot, seven times the delightfully delectable tequila shot from Dos Mas Mex Tequila Smooth & Sweet Shot, and also seven times the divinely ‘berry-full’ and spirited flavour of Dos Mas Pink Fresh & Fruity Berry Shot. Dos Mas miniatures also satisfy the cocktail cravings of every drinker profile.