Doornkaat Schnapps

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Berentzen Doornkaat Schnapps-10cl
Doornkaat German Schnapps 10cl Doornkaat German Schnapps are made using triple distilled wheat grain spirit combined with softened...
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Doornkaat Schnapps Miniatures

From the House of Berentzen founded in 1758 in Haselünne, Germany comes Doornkaat schnapps. The company that makes it began to build a now-powerhouse name for liquors produced from local grain. Traditionally made with maize and distilled thrice, Doornkat schnapps miniatures delivers a clean palate and is guaranteed to satisfy the taste preferences of a purist gin drinker.

Doornkaat miniature bottles are made to be adorned on your home bar just as well as these can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or, as the base of the gin cocktails you love to sip on again and again. Plain Doornkaat schnapps miniatures are especially suited for those who prefer the crisp taste of gin in its unadulterated form. In contrast, a miniature bottle of peach schnapps is for those who like gin better when watered down with a fruity flavour.

Doornkaat schnapps miniatures are also available in other great flavours made for drinking or, blending with your cocktails, desserts and dishes. The wide range of flavours available in schnapps miniatures includes apple, mango vanilla, tart orange, currant, plum, wild cherry, raspberry peach, rhubarb-strawberry and passion fruit. With a Doornkaat schnapps 5cl on-hand, if you can picture it, you can certainly make it happen.