amaretto liqueur miniature - 5cl

amaretto liqueur miniature - 5cl

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Disaronno Amaretto  Miniatures

The Disaronno Originale Amaretto Liqueur is an Italian spirit manufactured in Saronno that has claimed a privileged spot in a wide range of amaretto liqueurs, one that can only be defined by its brand name, “Disaronno”. Truly unique and belonging to a class all its own, this famous brand of amaretto is also available in Amaretto Disaronno Liqueur 5cl miniature bottles.

Served at 28% ABV, Disaronno Amaretto miniatures bear the same mark of excellence with the decanter-style bottle, cap and labels perfectly resembling regular sized bottles. Disaronno Originale liqueur is made from a secret recipe that has been perfected to taste since 1525. Based on limited information released about what constitutes this drink apart from alcohol, it is infused with apricot pits oil, sugar, and 17 herbs and fruits.

An Amaretto Disaronno Liqueur miniature is an absolute must for any collection of spirits. Its enticing and exquisite blend of almonds, marzipan and honeyed biscuits combine to give this drink a highly versatile flavour profile that makes it perfect for neat drinking, serving on the rocks, or blending for making luscious cocktails. Disaronno Amaretto mini presented in a luxurious, timeless packaging is definitely an ideal highlight to an equally timeless wedding, debut, birthday or any other adult celebration.