Dirty Harry Liqueur

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Dirty Harry Licorice Liqueur Miniature - 2cl This German licorice liqueur, named after the films of the same...
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Dirty Harry Liqueur Miniatures

Inspired by Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood’s acclaimed portrayal of ‘Dirty Harry’, this drink comes complete with a label bearing the cartoon rendition of the character. For occasions that call for a toast -- most especially when the celebrant is named, “Harry” -- the Dirty Harry liqueur miniatures are practical choice and are perfect for the outdoors. Besides, the uncommon bottle and drink will become a treasured treat for your guests. Add your mark to the bottles by adding a personalised theme or message.

Dirty Harry liqueur 2cl bottles are made by blending clear alcohol with the finest selection of licorice. This combination is then further refined using sal ammoniac and salt. The results are uniquely astounding. The final alcohol expression is offered at 21.5% ABV, giving it a mild spike that comes with a palate that is floral with a spicy finish.

For moments that deserve personal celebrations, have a Dirty Harry licorice liqueur 2cl in your home mini bar. While it’s just as good when taken with fancy cocktails, its makers, Berentzen, and connoisseurs recommend enjoying this drink pure and neat. Berentzen is a leading distiller of some of the most well-known brands of wines and spirits, including Berentzen, Dooley’s, and Kleiner Feigling -- all of which are also available in miniature bottles.