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Dictador XO Rum Miniatures

Dictador is the manufacturer of aged spirits, cigars and coffee. Dictador XO rum miniatures, despite clinging true to its more than 100 years of Hispanic heritage is a modern lifestyle brand that expresses the Colombian taste for the finest luxuries that can be experienced in a lifetime.

The two most celebrated rum variants, Dictador rum XO Perpetual and Dictador rum XO Insolent reflect the superb opulence afforded by a Dictador from the antique bottling all the way to the deep and complex liquor that delivers a rich palate finish. The first delivers the taste of Colombian coffee and dark chocolate, with a smooth and creamy texture from start to finish. The latter is sweeter, still with the taste of Colombian coffee but, this time, blending in the luscious flavours of vanilla and caramel made more complex with an oak finish.

Both available in Dictador rum mini bottles, the Perpetual variant comes in matte gold bottle with a stout base and slim neck, The Insolent variant is an exact replica save for the bottle color which is dominated by a Silver matte finish. Dictador rum miniatures are sold in 5cl bottles. It is the perfect bottle to raise a toast to the most important beginnings and endings in your lifetime. Consider a Dictador rum 5cl for party favours. These mini bottles also make great alternatives for mixing with cocktails.