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Darnley's View Gin Miniatures

A contemporary handcrafted gin with a rich twist of England’s history, the Darnley’s View is an unusual take on the ordinary, quintessentially London dry gin. Every bottle is packed with flavours from an unusual gin origin -- the elderflower-- which Darnley’s View gin miniatures are likewise made up of.

Not a typical gin, this brand from Thames Distillers will have seasoned gin drinkers taken aback by the surprisingly different take on the traditional gin. Love it or hate it, Darnley’s View miniatures are valued for the novel gin quality stored inside. At 40% ABV, it does come in handy for nights in your easy chair spent with a simple, classic gin tonic in hand. You can expect a decent intoxication minus the beer belly that comes with the usual sixpack.

Darnley’s view small bottles pay tribute to over six centuries of fine wines and whisky distilling craftsmanship by the Weems Family who remain in control of the family estate, including the Wemyss castle where Darnley’s View is distilled and bottled. The brand is a reminder of the first time that Mary Queen of Scots has seen Lord Darnley, his future husband, from afar, peering through the Wemyss Castle’s courtyard window.

So, next time you pack something extraordinary for someone special, consider a Darnley’s View Gift Set. Give the gift of taste, give the gift of rich English history. This gin is available in Original and Spiced gin flavours.