Dalwhinnie Whisky Miniatures

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Dalwhinnie Whisky Miniatures

The Dalwhinnie Whisky is a single malt whisky that contains 43% ABV. Mild, smooth and gentle, this whisky, made in the highlands of Scotland has a flavourful profile created for the delight of your senses. It can be thought of as an entry product to the single malt whisky, a drink that requires training, experience, and sophistication.

Dalwhinnie Whiskey miniatures open to a rich blend of toffee, nectarine and fruit salad. Subtle tones of apples and pear mark the deep aroma of this product. The ending is a soothing yet unrestricted aroma of smoke. The highly well-balanced, likeable sensations that can be enjoyed from a light bodiedDalwhinnie makes it the top choice of younger scotch drinkers.

Dalwhinnie miniature spoils the palate with a generous blend of honey, nuts and vanilla—unparalleled among the more widely popular brands of whisky. Despite scotch being categorized as a hard drink, the Dalwhinnie is a drink meant to be enjoyed in your most relaxed, easy and calm mood from the first sip, all the way to the last drop.

A classic in its own right, this scotch, born in 1898 is deserving of a space on your shelf. A mini Dalwhinnie Whisky reserved for you or, for a less experienced scotch drinker.