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Daffys Gin Miniature - 5cl Daffy’s Gin is unlike any other Gin, created using the finest French grain...
Gin miniature - 5cl
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Daffys Gin Miniatures

Daffys Gin, founded in 2014 is one of the gin brands that successfully emerged from the English rekindled love and passion for gin making and, of course, gin drinking. Daffys Gin. Daffy's gin miniatures bare the same pure, clear gin inside held by a clear bottle and the image of no less than the goddess of gin which this brand is named after.

Daffy's gin small bottles are made from the “finest copper pot single-batch distilled gin” made with French grain spirit. The distill is later infused with Lebanese mint and eight other botanicals that include angelica sourced from Belgium, cassia from Malaysia, orris of Morocco, juniper and coriander from the Balkans, and orangest and lemon peels sourced from Spain.

Daffy's gin 5cl bottles work up a classic London Dry Gin taste for your classic fix of G&T. Although, it will work just as good for fixing any gin-based cocktails. Consider packing a Daffy gin set for the rest of your crew wherever you are headed for your next road trip. In any case, a Daffy’s Gin Gift Set will be a welcome treat for the gin enthusiast and bring good tidings for someone who prefers long, cocktail drinks.