Crystal Head Vodka Miniatures

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Crystal Head Mini Vodka Bottle Crystal Head Vodka is distilled by taking only the highest quality peaches and...
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Crystal Head Vodka Miniatures

Packaged in a transparent, fancy skull-engraved bottle, the Crystal Head Vodka has been acclaimed as one of the purest vodkas available around the world. This vodka is made only from the finest corns of peaches and cream which is four times distilled using nothing else but neutral spirit derived from grain.

Later into the process, the resulting liquid is combined with water from Newfoundland in Canada. The solution then undergoes seven layers of filtration where three of the layers are made of Herkimer diamonds. The same high level of processing standards are captured in a Crystal Head vodka mini 50ml skull bottle.

This vodka, reportedly made for the personal pleasure of Hollywood actor, Dan Aykroyd does not contain additives, glycerol, citrus oils or sugars. Even the product inside Crystal Head vodka mini bottles is just as clean and pure. The product gives off the aroma of spiced vanilla. It leaves a smooth yet warm, soft and yet grainy, and clean vodka aftertaste.

A Crystal Head mini bottle will add an unexpected intrigue to your personal mini-bar which easily creates intrigue which could mark the beginning of an engrossing conversion among your guests.