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Cricketer Blended Scotch Whisky Miniatures

Cricketer Blended Scotch Whisky miniatures are bottled at 40% ABV. Made in Scotland, this blended scotch with unknown distillers is available in Cricketer Whisky miniatures which is served in 5cl bottle. The label features a cricket stumps, a cricket bat and a cricket ball. Without doubt, this blended scotch could be the treat that best suits a family member, relative or friend who lives and breathes the sport. Bring a pack to share with the gang during game night.

A blended scotch whisky mini at this alcohol content level may be taken neat, straight from the bottle or poured over ice. You can also keep a few bottles within easy reach for surprise visits from guests who just can’t get enough of their whisky-based cocktails.

The miniature bottle is presented in a clear, slender bottle that shows off the golden whisky inside. It comes with a crown can too. The sleek bottle with simplistic design can also be easily personalised. If you’re looking for a favour to giveaway at your next big party, why not a Cricketer Blended Scotch Whisky?