Cointreau Triple Sec Liqueur

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Cointreau Orange Liqueur Miniatures From one of the world’s first producers of Triple Sec (the other one being...
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Cointreau Miniatures

Forged from the unique mix of sweet and bitter orange peels and sugar beets with a kick of spirit from pure alcohol, the resulting Cointreau triple sec has captured the most discerning tastes the world over since 1875. The success of the Cointreau triple sec liqueur continues under the management of Rémy Cointreau, a company borne from the merger of Countreau&Cie SA and Rémy Martin.

A distinct yet mild aroma of orange whiffs through the air as a Cointreau mini is poured into a glass. In each sip, the surprisingly well-balanced sweet taste leaves a melted caramel sensation in your mouth, briefly mingled with the fresh taste of mint. The unbelievably smooth finish is guaranteed to entice you to take another sip and another one after that. Some people describe this drink to be similar to lemon drop candies but only in liquid form.

Enjoyed straight over ice, Cointreau miniatures also help make daiquiri and margarita cocktails an affair for your palate to remember. Just when you think you’ve tasted all of the possibilities you can fix with a Cointreau, you will soon find out 101 more ways to enjoy this drink. Try it with your hot chocolate or, pour some over your cheesecakes and ice creams to give these a more unique and upbeat taste. If you can imagine your next cocktail or dessert recipes, Cointreau mini bottles can help you achieve them all.