Cockburns Port Miniatures

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Cockburns Special Reserve Port Miniature - 5cl Cockburns Port, probably the world's biggest name in Port. This special...
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Cockburns Port Miniatures

Characterized by its comforting and relaxing taste and impact to the senses, Cockburns is a well-rounded port grown, stocked and seasoned in Portugal’s historic Douro Valley. The Cockburns Port continues to be made the same way it always has been. Unchanged for centuries, its rich and flavourful history can, likewise, be much appreciated with a solo serving inside Cockburns miniatures.

 Aged for at least two to three years, the fruits from old grape vines used to make Cockburns Port are exclusively grown and harvested in Quinta dos Canais — a heritage that has been practiced for over a century. The harvested grapes are then aged to perfection in oak barrels and wooden vats situated in Vila Nova de Gaia.

From the largest wooden Port cellar that remains in this area of Portugal to your home bar or kitchen, this well-balanced wine can be an ideal companion to your lunch or supper. It can be just as easily infused into your fine dining recipes to help bring out the juiciness and natural taste in your meats.

Enjoy Cockburns varieties beginning with its top of class Cockburns Special Reserve, Tawny Port, and Ruby Port. A Cockburns Port gift set will make any occasion extra special for someone special.