Vodka Christmas Gifts

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The One Lakes Distillery Blended Vodka Baubles Gift Set - 6 x 5cl
The One Lakes vodka Baubles Gift Set The Lakes Distillery Blended Whisky is now available in a bauble...
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Vodka Christmas Gifts 

Vodka has been intimately associated with Russians, founders and most avid fans of this spirit. Its exemplary clarity and purity has earned it its name which was derived from “voda,” the Russian name for water.  Typically at least thrice distilled and traditionally made from subjecting grains or potatoes to continuous distillation. Today, avid fans of vodka hail from the world over and, in case you’re considering vodka Christmas gift sets, you’ll find that vodka now knows endless possibilities so that there’s one for every drinker profile.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for vodka lovers, the safest place to start is where there’s global acceptance and wide popularity. After all, vodka can be unforgiving to an untrained palate. If you’re unsure about your recipient’s vodka preferences, Smirnoff vodka Christmas gifts are a great place to treat someone you love with a vodka experience. Take someone you know down the road of Smirnoff flavours discovery with the Smirnoff Flavours Miniatures and Shot Glass Gift Pack. Other than a Christmas Smirnoff Vodka, Christmas vodka bottles of Absolut and Stolichnaya.

For the well-accustomed vodka drinker, an authentic, traditionally made Russian vodka will make the best vodka for Christmas gift. That will be no other than the Number 1 vodka choice of Russians, Russian Standard Vodka. Send your gift with the warmest spirit of the season with the Merry Christmas Vodka Gift Set which comes with a Russian Standard miniature, crystal cut glass and coaster.

A vodka Christmas set will be a warming Yuletide gift for a younger group of your friends. Made for sharing, you can choose to fill it up with irresistible vodka gift for Christmas such as the Absolut Fives Flavoured Vodka Miniature Gift Set, The Great Chase Trio Miniature Gift Set or the Lakes Vodka Miniature Gift Set. For the very special people on your list, check out the luxurious Ciroc Vodka. Combine several luscious flavours in your gift basket with a range that include French vanilla, Moschino, Mango and Pineapple, among others.