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Choya Umeshu Japanese Liqueur Miniatures

This is a traditional Japanese liqueur made using the ume fruit. The process entails aging the whole fruit while immersed in the alcohol. Choya, Umeshu South East Asia Pte Ltd., makers of this range of liqueurs, including the Choya Umeshu Japanese Liqueur miniatures, started perfecting the process of extracting the refreshing and appetite stimulating flavours of ume since 1959, the year when the ume-fruit liqueur was first introduced in the market. Although, the company’s history can be traced all the way back to 1914.

The Choya Umeshu Shiso is presented in a clear, cylindrical bottle that shows the red liqueur inside. It comes with preserved ume fruits inside. The taste is characterized to be sweet and tarty with distinct tastes of almonds. Another bestseller is the Choya extra years umeshu liqueur aged for more than the usual 12 years for which other traditional ume liqueurs from the range.

This flavoured alcohol has been traditionally used to ease and cure many ailments. Vegetarians will be happy to note this liqueur suits their preferences and that this brand does not contain any artificial additives. Don’t think for a moment that you’re out of ideas when gifting a family member or friend who is vegan. Try the Choya Umeshu extra years for yourself to judge how well it suits him or her.

Choya Umeshu mini bottles provide a practical way to sample this liqueur. It’s just as great given out as favours, and make wonderful gifts to warm any home during the Holiday season.