Chivas Regal Miniatures

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Chivas Regal Miniature The Chivas Regal miniature delivers a single serve sampling of one of the most popular...
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Chivas Regal Miniatures

Chivas Regal miniatures likewise embody the just-right sweetness of barley malt blended with lightly toasted caramel and walnuts. Chivas Regal miniature 12 is a commendation to the unmatched aroma and palate of this blended scotch whisky that can only be delivered with dignity in every bottle of Chivas.

Glenmorangie is best known for its medium-bodied The Original single malt scotch whisky. Over the years the brand has been experimenting on its characteristically woody flavours that rub off a wonderfully unique aroma of old wood to the scotch.

If you haven’t already taken a Chivas for a drive test, we recommend a Chivas Regalminiature bottle. A single sip and you will be instantly converted— that’s a confident assumption. If even that isn’t enough, you must know that the Chivas Regal has been acclaimed to provide the best value for the quality scotch it delivers.

Care to pack a classic? Keep a Chivas Regal whiskey miniature within arm’s reach for those moments that call for a toast. Reach for a Chivas Regal Miniature bottle even for those times when you need to own the moment. Open a Chivas Regal Whisky Miniature because “if not now, when?”