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Chilgrove Gin Miniatures

Chilgrove Gin promises to leave you chilling with excitement. Tagged as “the gin for all seasons,” the simplicity and versatility of this gin allows you to enjoy it neat or, with your favorite martini at practically any time of the year. Made in Chilgrove, a rural England town in Sussex, the Chilgrove Gin and Chilgrove Gin miniatures are created using traditional methods of distilling grapes as well as traditional skills of best extracting the flavours from local botanicals.

Aptly reflecting the purity of ingredients used to craft this gin, Chilgrove Gin miniatures come in tiny, crystal bottles that show off the unadulterated alcohol it holds. Chilgrove small bottles of the Dry Gin variant carry gin that has been infused with 11 botanicals that include grains of paradise, wild water mint, angelica root, and coriander seed. It leaves a mouthful of flavour in your mouth with every small sip which makes it best taken neat. 

Chilgrove mini servings are also available in other brand offerings which include the Chilgrove Blue Water Gin, Chilgrove Bramble Gin, and the Chilgrove Vodka. Chilgrove miniature bottles offer a less inexpensive way to get a taste of these wonderful gin and vodka flavours without forcing you to spend and commit to a large bottle. They also make great collectibles. Gift-giving items, and provide better options when camping or backpacking.