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Chester Gin Miniatures

The Chester gin miniature bottle comes in a stout, transparent packaging that proudly shows off the crystal clear gin inside. The makers of this gin take inspiration from the Spice trails that were remarkably introduced by during the height of the Roman Empire. The most distinguished of the spices added to Chester Gin are juniper, cardamom and cassia. There is also a strong citrusy lemon taste that can be distinguished from every sip.

The Chester Gin is often described as a tasteful fusion of classic and modern-day gin. Rich and full-bodied yet soft and smooth like silk, the 42% ABV certainly still brings on the characteristically rough edges of the classic gin. Chester miniatures are bound to serve up the same experience that warms up of the body and lingers for relatively longer compared to other gin brands in its league.

The clear bottles of Chester miniature will prove to be an impressive way to give your guests a way to take home and make your event truly an affair to remember now and in the years to come. While you’re in the thick of it, why not customize it to enhance recall and appreciation?