Chartreuse Liqueur Miniatures

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Green Chartreuse Liqueur Miniature - 3cl Based on its makers’ claims, the Carthusian monks of France were the...
Yellow Chartreuse Liqueur Miniatures While a lot of people’s taste buds may be familiar with a botanical taste...
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Chartreuse Liqueur Miniatures

Chartreuse Liqueur miniatures have been around for at least 500 years before the monks of Chartreuse received a manuscript as a gift in 1705 detailing the ingredients and process behind this so-called “Elixir of Long Life”. Chartreuse liqueurs are named after the Monk’s Grande Chartreuse monastery sitting high above the Chartreuse Mountains in the Grenoble Region of France. Today, the liqueur is made in Voiron, a town close to the location of the monastery.

Both the green and yellow Chartreuse liqueurs continue to be made using details from that same manuscript from the 1600s. The green Chartreuse liqueur miniatures are made with alcohol with the infusion of 130 herbal plants. The yellow Chartreuse liqueur miniatures, on the other hand, follow the same ingredient and process as the green variant with the addition of honey which adds a tinge of golden to the color of the liqueur, giving it a yellow appearance. The yellow chartreuse mini bottles generally tastes lighter and sweeter than the green Chartreuse and comes at 40% ABV expression which holds lower alcohol content per volume than its green counterpart.

Today, the yellow and green Chartreuse has become an essential addition to cocktails for their heavenly flavours as well as for their earth-bound colours. These can also be taken neat when chilled.

Both Yellow and Green Chartreuse liqueur 5cl bottles make warming and historical gifts. As elixirs of long life, these are great presents to give for someone celebrating his or her birthday, most especially when toasting to another decade of life, love, happiness and health. The long French and Spanish traditions intertwined in every bottle also make these liqueurs an ideal gift to somebody with a big heart for history. Since these elixirs are best consumed in the company of families and friends, consider giving out as favours, essentially sharing with them the best hopes for the future.