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Charles Meras Wine

The Charles Meras wine is among the brands that are on the lowest-priced end of the scale. Charles Meras merlot red wine 18.75cl bottle is just slightly aromatic. Each sip takes your palate through a raw blended taste of plums and cherries, almost like sipping a bottle of juice spiked with 13% alcohol per volume. Its lightness is contradicted by the sudden acidity of the liquid on the palate. It finishes with a hint of spice. It's juicy, non-drying and light presentation to the palate will make this wine easy to sip for a light drinker.

The Charles Meras chardonnay white wine 18.75cl bottle provides an interesting excuse to start a conversation during events that compel you to socialize with friends and strangers. When it’s your turn to throw that next grand party, whether it’s to celebrate beginnings or endings, turn to a Charles Meras merlot red wine miniature to mark what’s special at the moment.

Merlot red grapes are an ideal accompaniment to lamb, beef, veal or red pasta. Its non-overpowering effect to your tongue combined by the acidity of the liquid makes it well-suited for more complex dishes that require something like the Charles Meras Merlot red wine.

Still unsure about what to think about this wine? Charles Meras wine miniatures are highly recommended to judge this wine by yourself.