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Caorunn Gin Miniatures

Caorunn Gin miniatures come in small, stout and transparent bottles with a red asterisk mark. The gin has and continues to be handcrafted since 1824. Despite its strong gin-making traditions, the Caorunn Gin delectably blends in the taste of the modern Scottish countryside. Dry and crisp, it’s a classic London Dry Gin that, with it's aromatic floral, citrus and spices convey a more modern version to the old world gin. The sip finishes with a long, dry finish.

The Caorunn Gin 5cl comes in the same transparent bottle with a tin twist cap. It holds the same gin made with caorunn, better known as the Rowan Berry, which is the primary ingredient infused in this otherwise traditional gin. Distinctive flavours that can be distinguished even from Caorunn Gin small bottles are bog myrtle, heather, coul blush apple, dandelion leaf, juniper berries, coriander seeds, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root, and cassia bark.

Caorunn miniatures are ideal for gift-giving but, are just as fitting to satisfy your personal cravings for great tasting gin. A Caorunn Gin will be a welcome spirit for a gin drinker who enjoys a strict, classic gin and prefers to take gin neat. It will just as well be satisfying to a beginner who uses gin to spike fresh purees and even tarts and pies with just a tiny, tiny amount of gin.