Bunnahabhain Single Malt Whisky

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Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Whisky Miniature Founded in 1881 the Bunnahabhain whisky distillery (Islay) has been distilling this...
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Bunnahabhain Whisky Miniatures

Yet another scotch created in the traditional ways in Islay where many great whiskies trace their roots, the Bunnahabhain whiskey miniatures is made with the same base of premium quality barley, yeast and water locked away for a very long period of time. This label’s unique offering is its unpeated style layered with the aging process by the bay that takes place right next to the salty sea. 

The distinguishing saltiness of the Bunnahabhain 18-Year-Old bear's witness to the unforgiving terrain, sea and winds prevalent in Islay which gives a unique character to this blend of scotch. Bottled with premium casing befitting a classic single malt scotch whisky, opening the bottle gives off a fragrant, non-overpowering aroma of dried fruits, toffee, honey and nuts with a light spice. The taste is consistent with the distinctive aroma with a detectable sea saltiness. The taste is mellow although the burn is intensely warming to the senses.

The Bunnahabhain Single Malt Whisky aged 12 years carries the same sea saltiness which the 18-year-old scotch does. This time, the freshness mixed with sweet and malty flavour stands out with just a mild taste of sherry, with a non-drying, mild creamy mocha finish.

Although Bunnahabhain whisky miniatures will make great cocktails, it will be a waste of the 12 or 18 years of aging this single malt Scotch whisky not to be able to appreciate its aroma, palate and finish in its pure form. So, hand one to your friends as a gift or favour. You may also just empty the contents of the mini bottle into a glass, top with ice, and enjoy for yourself.