Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur

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Bruadar Whisky Liquer Miniatures  Bruadar is lovingly created by using a single malt whisky to which the fruity...
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Bruadar Whiskey Liqueur Miniatures

Imagine the extravagant taste of honey and sloe berries melting in your mouth delivered with the savoury malty taste that’s undeniably whisky. Make these heavenly cravings come to life with a shot of the Bruadar whiskey liqueur miniature. Formerly marketed as the “Scottish Highland,” the Bruadar whiskey liqueur is made for pouring in a glass at room temperature or, served on the rocks. Still, most drinkers embrace a Bruadar malt whisky honey sloe liqueur mixed with a mouth-watering cocktail fix.

When it comes to quality and taste, the Bruadar certainly embodies what it takes to be award-winning as it aligns itself with some of the most recognized brands in Scottish liqueurs and Scotch Whiskies introduced and marketed by the family-owned Morrison & McKay: Old Perth, Sloe Gin and CàrnMòr.

Serve up cocktails lovingly prepared with Bruadar malt whisky liqueur. The Bruadar liqueur 5cl also adds more character to your home bar collection and makes a neat favour for the milestones in your life story. For whatever reason or for no reason at all, there’s a Bruadar whiskey liqueur 5cl for your personal satisfaction.