Bottega Mini Bottles

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Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco- 20cl The Bottega Gold mini prosecco is elegantly in a gold, opaque bottle that...
Bottega (GOLD) Prosecco Sparkling Wine 75cl Nicely packaged in a Venetian style gold bottle Bottega Gold is amongst...
Bottega Rose Gold Spumante Sparkling Wine Miniature - 75cl Bottega Rose Gold is neatly presented in a rather...
Bottega Rose Gold Mini Prosecco- 20cl Available for Dispatch from Tuesday 12th November due to high demand The Bottega...
Bottega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco Sparkling Wine Miniature - 20cl Poeti Prosecco has been harvested a little earlier...
Bottega Poeti Rose Brut 75cl An aroma of apple and berries, mainly raspberries and currants. Dry, soft, fresh...
Bottega Poeti Prosecco Brut 75cl A Fresh, delicate, fragrant and well balanced taste that is fruity and flowery...
(gold) prosecco sparkling wine miniature - 20cl
Starting from £3.74
(gold) prosecco sparkling wine 75cl
Starting from £19.49
Rose gold spumante sparkling wine miniature - 75cl
Starting from £21.99
Poeti rose brut 75cl
Starting from £15.99
Poeti prosecco brut 75cl
Starting from £16.99
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Bottega Mini Bottles

Bottega has brought one of the finest Prosecco from the vineyards in the Province of Treviso in Italy, turned it into one of the strongest brands of wine, and then offered it up for the rest of the world to take a sip. Every bottle locks in an unparalleled tradition of good taste, one that can be just as good in Bottega mini bottles. Although, the Bottega family did not acquire Distilleria Bottega until 1977.

Premium quality and made to exhibit its strong yet refined personality, the opaque Bottega Golf miniatures give off a fresh and fruity accent to your every sip. Bottega Gold mini bottles bring provide a splash of colour to your private living space.

The miniature Bottega Rose Gold is made from handpicked Pinot Noir grapes and precisely vinified under strictly controlled environmental conditions. The resulting sparkling wine contains 11.5% ABV. Sampling a Bottega Rose Gold mini prosecco will reveal a peach-coloured sparkly that gives off a mild aroma of currants and berries accompanied by a light floral scent. Mini bottles of Bottega prosecco works up a refreshing burst of red berries blended with fresh golden apples.

What some consider to be Bottega mini champagne, Bottega miniatures pay tribute to the highly sophisticated wine process behind every Bottega.