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Boodles London Dry Gin Miniatures Every batch of Boodles London Dry Gin is made with labour and patience....
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Boodles Gin Miniatures

Boodles Gin Miniatures come in squarish, transparent glass bottles with a crown cap and a black label. It carries the same wheat-derived distilled gin that is infused with the flavours of the finest juniper, nutmeg, rosemary and sage. Well-balanced and subtle, the Boodles Gin London Dry surprisingly drops the usual hint of citrus and lime typically found in other gin labels in its league.

Stashing away a Boodles gin set is a great way to sample the original gin flavour, but also other variants offering equally unique flavours of gin. Other mini offerings from this label include the Boodles Mulberry gin miniatures which is characterised as a classic, tarty sloe gin and the Boodles Rhubarb and Strawberry which is described to evoke the top flavours of summer

Boodles small bottles resemble the packaging as well as the colour of liquid of their regular-sized counterparts. A Boodles Gin gift set is as versatile as the gin it contains it for mixing with a wide range of gin-based cocktails and mixers. Boodles miniatures can also be served as party favours or, you can choose to giveaway as keepsakes for people to remember you and the most important highlights of your life.