Black Tomato Gin

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Black Tomato Gin Miniature Reputed to be the first gin to be ever distilled from tomatoes, the Black...
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Black Tomato Gin Miniatures

Everything about the Black Tomato gin miniature is wicked -- from the black bottle to the dark name, and all the way to the history of its two founders. One of them grew Black tomatoes on his spare time while the other was passionate about drinking gin. When they fused their very different passions, the Black Tomato came into being.

Black Tomato Gins are distilled in Holland. It combines Black tomatoes with juniper berries and sea salt which make up its base with, reportedly, the addition of one secret botanical. The same unique quality of gin can be sampled from a Black Tomato Gin miniature. The overall taste has been characterized to be different, delicate and complex with a hint of saltiness towards the end, all at the same time.

A Black Tomato miniature is especially recommended by its makers to be the perfect complement to a dish that features shellfish. Therefore, a Black Tomato Gin gift set should be considered when pleasing a gin drinker but also someone who loves dipping their hands-on seafood. Even when it isn’t intended for gift-giving, a Black Tomato Gift Set can just as well be ideal for celebrating your day-to-day winnings, no matter how big or small.