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Birkir Icelandic Schnapps Miniatures

Get set on an Icelandic expedition with a Birkir Icelandic schnapps miniatures in your hand. As diverse as the terrain of Iceland, people from all backgrounds and distinctive preference for what kind of alcohol goes into their glass will find the extraordinarily balanced taste of Birkir schnapps satisfying. It’s easy, versatile flavour makes owning an Icelandic Schnappsideal to give an extra oomph to a usual day or an added pizzazz to make any common drink or delicacy stand out from the ordinary.

Refreshing with a woody palate unlike most other schnapps that too often has either a brut or fruity taste, the Foss Birkir Birch Schnapps brings a reminder of spring and rain dew in Iceland both in aroma and taste. The Birkir schnapps takes you to an unforgettable, personalized tour of Iceland tightly locked in a slim, corked bottle.

If you’re not yet certain how likely your taste buds will find this golden liquid, there’s a Birkir Icelandic Birch schnapps 5cl miniature which is perfect for sampling its unique taste. In any case, you must know that a Birkir Icelandic schnapps Mini can be taken before, during or after meals to boost appetite and improve digestion.