Marshmallow vodka 50cl

Marshmallow vodka 50cl

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Marshmallow Vodka Miniatures

V Gallery Marshmallow Vodka is five times distilled and expressed at 21% ABV. It’s made with just the right blend of sweetness derived from pink marshmallows topped with the wonderful infusion of vanilla and red fruits, making it the best base for a marshmallow vodka cocktail. V Gallery is a  small, family-run distillery that produces small batches of spirits for more than 50 years. The Marshmallow Vodka miniatures offers a great way to sample this vodka, and a more practical serving for making single-serve or small batches of vodka-based cocktails.

Marshmallow vodka miniatures are also great for taking chilled, neat or on the rocks. Experience soft marshmallows melting deliciously on your palate with an unparalleled smoothness that leave a lingering pleasure to your senses.

Share a Marshmallow flavoured vodka miniature today to share this sensational experience. Have some at home for yourself or, for fixing vodka-based cocktails for your guests. Marshmallow vodka miniature drinks are also highly recommended as favours for debuts, weddings, corporate functions, house warming, and  all sorts of reasons you can find (or make up) to celebrate. It’s always best to enjoy a drink when you share it but, you can always open up one or some to indulge yourself.