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Miniature Alcohol Bottles

Back in the day, alcohol miniatures were originally used as testers and tasters, and proved useful for people to decide the flavours before buying a bigger bottle. The concept holds true even today, however it is used for many more innovative ways than just using it as a taster. The boom in travel saw the spirits companies manufacturing alcohol nips in large quantities as people usually preferred to travel along with their mini tipples. Miniature liquor bottles are creatively designed and used as favors for guests at weddings.

At Just Miniatures, you can not only buy mini alcohol bottles but also get them personalised to suit your choice. Be your own bartender at home and entertain your guests with delicious concoctions, or may we suggest adding them to your collection in the drinks cabinet, you know just in case.

Our extensive range includes more than 500 different alcoholic spirits in 5cl (50ml) size stocked from all over the world. Whether you’re stocking up on miniature alcohol bottles for your home bar or creating a miniature alcohol selection for a family member or friend, we have something for everyone in our miniatures collection.